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Hug LogoEver shopped online? This is a great example of usability in the online shopping experience – and by that I mean the WHOLE experience. is the company, they sell a small range of fairtrade organic cotton clothes for women, men and children, is the Website (opens in a new window).

This is why I think this company is a great example of usability in action.

  • The Website is OK, it was easy enough to choose my product and size, there are good photos of most things (although some could be better).
  • So, I quickly filled my basket and filled in the typical form to complete the checkout process…there is always room for improvements and this website is no exception, but the functionality is basically there…and it works!

Having chosen some products and checked out, this is where user-interface usability needs to turn into process usability…and this is where the company has done excellently.

  • The packaging that they use is small, fits through even my small letterbox at home – no staying in to wait for the delivery or getting annoying “whilst you were out” cards from the post office – the items simply arrive through my door whilst I’m out…finally, user-centred delivery in action.
  • Now, some even better news on other persistent eCommerce usability issues – returning goods that (in this case) don’t fit…a nightmare right? Not with Hug, the packaging is easy to open and just a couple of details to fill in on a form enclosed with the item and a bit of selotape to close the package again, stick on a freepost return label and it fits right in the postbox to go back…all done and dusted in about 10 minutes and no problem with my refund…

Hug packaging means delivery usability for eCommerce

The Packaging – easy delivery for the postman and easy pickup for me!


Now that was user-friendly. I’ve used this company a few times now, it’s so easy, and I’m reassured by their customer-orientated delivery and return service. I can cope with a few Website usability niggles because the main bulk of my concern is always with the delivery problem and what happens next.

If delivery and return were that simple for all online shopping, I’d be doing it a lot more. Congratulations to Hug for delivering great usability for online shoppers.

Let me reassure you that I have nothing to do with this company, other than being a customer who was really impressed by their vision for a usable online shopping experience.

Written by cath

November 21, 2006 at 8:14 am