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eco thoughts – packaging crisis

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I just had to contact Rachel’s Organic after noticing this excess of packaging:


I’ve sent them the following comment (via the website)

“I recently saw some of your organic rice puddings (pack of 2) in my local Real Foods shop. I suspected it would taste good, which it does, but the reason I bought it was to make a point about the amount of packaging involved.
The shape of the tubs were much larger than needed for the portion, but specifically enlarged at the top which then required an over-sized foil lid. Finally, two such pots were packaged together in a huge cardboard sleeve to be sold as a pair. I hope you can see that this appeared excessive.
Your company seems to be committed to being green – you mention on the website that you have made steps to reduce packaging in other areas of the business. Therefore I hope you will also reconsider the packaging on this range in the near future.

The website thanks me! “Thankyou for your feedback, if your enquiry requires a response someone will get back to you shortly.”

Hmmm. I wonder how they will respond…

Written by cath

February 1, 2009 at 2:44 pm