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About time the mobile phone market started taking user-interface usability seriously. Let’s hope that the iPhone by Apple lives up to the hype. I expect it to provide a simple, clear, easy to use interface for the phone that does it all – my fingers are crossed.

Despite their plaudits, I simply don’t believe the current smart phones are doing their magic reliably – I will be getting a “user rant” from someone who tried but had to give up that technology – check back for it soon.

Maybe it won’t happen straight away, but it would also be fantastic if other phone companies also had to take up the challenge to improve the usability of their interfaces (fumbling with your mobile phone buttons anyone? See this article from the BBC News blog…

I’m inspired to complete my review of my current mobile phone, sad to say, it is not a design and usability champion.

Written by cath

January 11, 2007 at 1:41 pm

Posted in mobile phone, usability

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